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the Hauf and Hauf Pipers' website

hauf and hauf pipers - piping duo 

Douglas and Shauna – The Hauf and Hauf Pipers – do not come from a traditional piping background.

Douglas took up the bagpipes as a hobby and in contrast to his work as a music tutor; he teaches classical flute, saxophone and guitar. However, the hobby quickly became an obsession and piping is now the dominant aspect of his musical life.

Shauna was always desperate to be a piper so when the opportunity to learn the chanter arose she grabbed it with both hands. While maintaining a working and family life, piping quickly became a major preoccupation.

Shauna and Douglas met while playing in the pipe band world but found they had a common interest in solo or smaller group playing and eventually realised that a duo was the ideal platform for them.

The Hauf and Hauf Pipers have a passion for the music of the Highland Bagpipe and also love entertaining both an audience and themselves.